Our Services

Our detailed quote process allows customers to understand the tooling that we are quoting and level of service that we would provide. Project Start Sheets, Design Review process all contribute to the overall success of projects.

We begin with service in the design area and offer complete use of the latest releases of UG NX & Solid Works Software, which encompasses both 2D & 3D design work to build or alter solid model files.
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Die Casting

Our foundation was built to service the diecasting industry. We've specialized in design and build of diecast dies and related diecasting support tooling throughout our 20 year history. Our focus is on diecast dies, zinc dies from 1,200 ton diecasting machines and down.

The diecasting process provides net shape or near net shape parts very quickly and reliably to various different markets. Our tooling can be found throughout North America providing castings for the Automotive, Appliance, Gun, Toy and various other markets.

Complete Design

Which includes development of solid model files for casting version of part to allow visualization of parting lines, draft and fillet radii. D1 Mold & Tool begins with service in the design area. We offer complete design using the latest releases of UG NX & Solid Works Software, which encompasses both 2D & 3D design work to build or alter solid model files.

Full Builds

Build projects ranging in size from small DME style unit dies to multi-cavity dies that fit into 1,000 ton die cast machines.


Our holder blocks are built from 4140 prehard material and capable of multiple rebuilds. This provides an overall project life cost savings for our customers. Many of our customers utilize holder blocks for three or four generations of cavity inserts without compromising the diecasting process.

Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding process offers various different materials to be injection molded. Very tight tolerance parts with predictable shrink provide complex parts very quickly. Our design team has over 20 years of MIM experience.

Plastic Injection Molding

Although a smaller focus of our core business we are perfectly capable of building every complex plastic injection molds.

Thermoform Tooling

Heated plastic sheet rolling across multi cavity tooling quickly creates consumer products. Our tooling support for this provides mold cavities, plug assist details built from various materials to allow for release of product efficiently. Support for Trim tools to trim product and reclaim scrap material are all a part of Thermoform tooling capacity.

Embossing Rolls

Embossing Rolls are utilized for the Paper and Plastics Products Industry. Patterns are machined onto replaceable roll details to allow manufacturing to emboss various patterns onto different types of materials. The patterns can increase the products elasticity.