D1 Mold & Tool offers the following services as we continually strive for the highest quality at the most competitive price:


  • Complete design, which includes development of solid model files for casting version of part to allow visualization of parting lines, draft and fillet radii.

  • Build projects ranging in size from small DME style unit dies to multi-cavity dies that fit into 1,000 ton die cast machines.

  • True high-speed machining of H-13 cavity steel.

  • Machine tools with 20K and 30K spindle speed, along with three modes of cutting.

  • Graphite machining with up to 40K spindle speed, along with three modes of cutting.

  • CMM inspection service of tooling.


From project beginning to project end, our services will be available to you.  We pride ourselves on seeing a project completely through to quality cast parts.

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Areas We Cover

With our HQ based in Monroe Township, Madison county  in Alexandria Indiana we cover all 4 states surrounding Indiana, while also servicing the entire USA, Mexico and Canada.